Zahra Rose in Dubai

ZahraRose1Zahra Rose goes to Dubai fashion week!

Dear All,
Zahra offers here sincere thanks to all who supported her to go to Dubai for Fashion Week.
Please see photos and her account below.
If you offered a donation and did not give yet please bring to the AGM or send a check to Hastings Interfaith to me. If you would like to give a donation and did not notify me yet please let me know.
You will recognise some of Zahra’s designs from our local events. It was great that we could help this promising young designer who helped our BELIEVE project reach to her dreams – many other young people need this hope and support.
Best wishes, Tim Miller

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I applied for Dubai fashion week months ago, it must have been way in august. I first came across it when my sister and I were looking for tickets for London fashion week as we regularly attend that. My sister said to me whilst browsing the web: 'oh my god there's a Dubai fashion week, wouldn't it be amazing if we actually went' and she later informed me that there was a 'new generation' section for 'emerging talent'. I dismissed that idea but after a few weeks consideration I later applied for it without telling anyone as I thought I probably wouldn't get it anyway. After all I was just a girl who made a few dresses from old fabrics in my spare time, on my bedroom floor.

Little did I know that months later I would be selected to be one of four designers out if a pool of around two hundred and fifty global talented designers.

It was the most amazing news, yet I still didn't want anyone to know about it so only told my direct family and a few close friends. I was immediately swamped with information for the up coming fashion show. What excited me most was the group of models I would have wearing MY designs that I had just put together in my bedroom. I had model group A, and my were they beautiful girls. Many of them have been cover girls for Elle, Vogue and many other well established magazines.

I later discovered that Dubai Fashion Week were unable to cover any of my costs and I would have to have financial back up. Unfortunately my family were not in a position to support this opportunity, the realisation that my dream was going to remain a dream really put me down but gradually I realised that in reality no ones going to help you unless you help yourself first, then I began to ring every company I could for financial backing. Unfortunately due to it being less than a week away a lot of finding schemes were unable to help.

Later that weekend I discovered that one of my paintings about the situation in Libya called 'Destination: Freedom' was nominated for a painting award out of the whole of east Sussex. The works for this competition at Farley Farmhouse were selected by non-other than Antony Penrose himself (the son of Lee miller the famous model and photographer and Roland Penrose the well established surrealist painter, close friends with Pablo Picasso and many other artists). I went on to win the East Sussex painting award presented by Antony and he also made avery generous contribution to my trip to Dubai.

Zahra-and-winning-paintingMy head teacher from Bexhill Karen was also present for my award with my Art teacher; Julie Clark. They made a huge contribution toward my trip. By this point I had raised half of what I had needed in only a matter of hours. I was confident that people were interested in what I was doing and that being chosen alone was considered to be an achievement.

I had worked for 'Believe', its a local organisation aiming to get young people of different beliefs, cultures, religions to get together and celebrate their differences in a positive productive environment. During the summer times local talent contests are arranged and young talented people are encouraged to show off their achievements. It calibrates with small organisation such as stage schools, Hastings football club, talented individuals and bands, I usually helped out with advertising events and was put in charge of scouting young performers. I often held fashion shows at these event and had the opportunity to make beautiful girls dreams of modelling come true. The smiles at the end of each event truly make organisations like this worthwhile. Tim miller founder of this organisation he led my raise over a quarter of the funds with the help of Sussex interfaith forum individuals.

Hastings college helped me make up the remainder of the money I needed and the principle Janak personally searched travel agents for flights and accommodation for me, and that's when it all began to sink I that in two days i was going to showcasing my dresses in Dubai fashion week!

I arrived in Dubai on the 17th of October after nine hours of travelling and a transit at Muscat- Oman. The plane landed at Dubai international airport for 11.45am and I had to be at a fitting at the monarch hotel for 12.00pm. I didn't get to the Hotel till 12.30 and luckily I didn't appear to be late at all, they were just getting started. Meeting the models was amazing though, and till this day I'm in touch with almost every single one of them. They're all so lovely and were all very excited to be modelling my garments.

I then met the presenter and events manager Simon Lock who was such an enthusiastic character and a pleasure to meet. Throughout the day designers were rushing in and out ad a few came across my rail of clothing and were very fascinated and all came over and were asking to come and see my show. I sorted out my music for the show and was given tickets for friends and family along with 'access all areas' back stage passes. By the time we got to our hotel it was 10pm and by that time beyond exhausted.

I went to the premier/launch party which was amazing. The catwalk was turned into sand dunes with traditional dancers, eagles, and the first model to come out was elegantly side saddling on a beautiful White horse. As I was sitting there amazed none other than two of my dresses appear on the catwalk! I was so surprised, it felt like the most amazing thing. Lots of media coverage meant i was selected to have pictures with my models for global papers/magazines.

A couple of days later I went to attended Zori Cuture's show as I had got a personal invite from the designer. Then it was time for my show. It was unfortunate that I was only allowed a set amount of garments but I still made my mark at the show, and soon after the lady in charge of the 'new generation' designers rushed over to me and told me there was so many interviewers wanting to speak to me. That day I got down to business and did roughly nine interviews, ranging from tv, radio, newspaper and even email. I felt truly like a celebrity, and even whilst I was just on the metro people would come over and ask me 'are you the designer, Zahra Rose' totally amazing experience.

Since then I have received three job offers, designer offers for design calibration, model requests, and even an amazing offer to take part in India's fashion and culture week this month. Watch this space because this is only the beginning.

Thank you to all my sponsors, both my beautiful local and international models, my parents and loved ones and all my Facebook 'fans'- everyone who has taken interest in what I'm doing! Zahra Rose! (Keep updated via my fan page on Facebook- Zahra Rose Art)

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