Bereaved Families from the Holy Land

bereaved families picTuesday 17th April 2012 - 6.30pm to 9:00pm
St Michael’s Hospice, Upper maze Hill, St Leonards on Sea

Israelis and Palestinians bereaved by the conflict working together for peace and reconciliation

Speaker: Diane Taylor, Manager UK-based Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum
We have been deeply affected by the work of the Forum and the courage of its members. We raise funds to help, offer moral support and work to increase awareness in the UK of the Forum’s activities.

Six hundred Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost loved ones during half a century of Middle East conflict are calling for an end to violence. As members of the Bereaved Families Forum (also known as the Parents Circle-Families Forum) they are working to build a framework for peace and reconciliation in the region. As well as supporting bereaved families, Forum members are sharing their grief, extending the hand of friendship and creating opportunities for dialogue between the two communities.

The bereaved Israelis and Palestinians involved in this work are all inspiring and courageous people. They have paid the highest price in the conflict and want to try to prevent more blood from being spilt. We have a variety of very moving short films (approx 10 minutes) featuring these individuals. One of these short films will be shown followed by some of the personal stories of those involved and a discussion about how the work on the ground is changing hearts and minds despite the very considerable challenges faced.

It will be possible to make a donation to the UK-based Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum
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