A Garden Full Of Cultural Delights 2014

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cultural delights 2014 2

St Leonards Gardens were ‘Full of Cultural Delight’ as this buzzing yet intimate interfaith, intercultural festival reached its 5th sunny success, thanks to all participating community and faith groups and our wonderful performers, caterers and volunteer helpers. ‘The best one yet’ said Council Leader Jeremy Birch who shared opening words with Hasting’s Major and MP Amber Rudd.

cultural delights 2014 3

It is delightful to see young and old and a multitude of faiths and ethnicities enjoying each other’s cultural riches in a way that encourages friendship and mutual respect. We are lucky to share in peace and well-being unlike many others in our world, as other stalls and local charities reminded us through their displays and causes. Funds could be raised for Sudanese orphans and ‘Mary’s Meals’ and concerns raised for Gaza, World Development and protection of birds.

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Chinese dancers, Acromax gymnasts, Seven Streets young people with Anyme & Kele, Nicola Rodmell dancers, Gizmo Kids, Mimi’s Indian dances & Michelle Foo’s Chinese songs, folk singers Steve LeSqueeze and the Wobblies and Cosmic John all graced the stage with a rich variety of spectacle, beauty, joy and fun.

cultural delights 2014 6

While local Moslems, Bahais, Anglicans, Catholics and Quakers engaged with the community, In2Play and our stilt walker entertained the children and we were all fed by Taj Mahal, You’s Chinese restaurant and Esther’s African catering service.

Looking forward to Garden Delights in 2015 – we hope you had a great summer!!


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